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Resource packs for newcomers to our group:

Triratna Information pack 1

Triratna Information pack 2 (including the words of both pujas)


Information for people new to meditation


Our Sangha Evenings usually include a period of meditation, so if you are new to this it might be worth you having a look at the information below about the two meditations we practise...

What is meditation?

Mindfulness of Breathing

Metta Bhavana

Free Buddhist Audio

The Buddhist Centre

Listen to Subhadassi's talk at our Sangha Evening on Thursday 19th December 2019...

"You Are Here"Subhaddasi
00:00 / 40:20

Sangha Evening on the Sevenfold Puja - 30th January 2020

Watch Danapriya's talk at our Sangha Evening on Wednesday 11th November 2020...

Sangha Evening on Ritual and Devotion - 18th November 2020